Is the Laker dynasty over ? Are the fans still living that Disney fairytale with past championships ? Well last nights game didn't give any real answers to these questions with the Return of Kobe making history with his 20th season , the time restricted veteran ended their one point loss to Minnesota with 24 points, with what looked like Jordan Clarkson running this lake show, the first appearance of last years #2 pick D'angelo Russell in that Laker jersey & needless to say we are not impressed, the lakers still need some tweaking moving along Julius Randle making a come back after being out for an entire season with a broken leg the power forward proved that he could be looked at as dominant player, concluding his time with 14 points and 11 rebounds, we look forward to seeing more from him as the season progresses.

Now let's talk about the upside of the game Ricky Rubio, always a shooter, never a leader but last night a career high of 28 points, 14 assists the Timberwolves dug deep to end what looked like a blow out of a 16 point deficit he proved that he can make it happen, the sudden death of their beloved coach Phil "flip" Saunders they put aside their emotions coming up on top with the win over LA, Another glimmer of hope for this team is their #1 pick Karl Anthony Towns ending the game with 14 points on six-for-10 shooting and 12 rebounds a strong first impression for the young center.

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