The last time we featured Seaan Brooks he was in the midst of releasing weekly heat via Soundcloud and we were rooting him on while, in the same breath, expressing his need to turn the heat into flames his audience can see. Outside of the song itself being some of his better work post 'Throwaways', 'Ain't High' was one that needed a visual as bad as 'Plays' from his last full length. This time he delivered.  And for this to be his first visual you have to clap it up for quality control and concept. Bryon Israel also deserves some head in a comfortable bed from a thick thoroughbred for his steady cam shooting - some of the best we've seen and we have seen a lot. 

Conceptually this video is a loose metaphor for how attitudes and character can change with a quick wrap around the block in the wrong neighborhood. The character lead follows Seaan's footsteps seemingly becoming more of what is expected of him around the neighborhood of him. He starts out on a stoop reading a book when Seaan first pulls up, but things rapidly progress. Follow Seaan around the corner and you find him sipping brew on the corner for the first time with the homies, turn the next corner and he's shooting dice behind a building, keep it moving and he's approaching some PYTs out a on a late night, scooping the ladies. In the final moments the youth in training is turning on his homies and snatching what he wants. Even the camera gets lifted in the end. TWITTER: @SeaanBrooks INSTAGRAM: @Seaan.Brooks Directed by @byrizzzle For booking visit Special thanks to everyone who played apart in the process.

This experience proves again - it's about taking your time. Brooks could have done the run of the mill rap performance video with friends, we have all seen how well that can work. But instead he took the time, when the pressure was on, to let the idea come to him organically and collaborate with the right mind and technical skill to make the 'Ain't High' visual more than a one time watch. Now that we are here the bar is set. We hope to watch Brooks hone in on what works for him and be more consistent than the next man. 

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