As of late we are hearing a lot of DJ_QJ on production from the :30 clique. Shorty after the release of AM/PM QJ has taken the helm and is steering the sound of all the latest releases from both SheedBe and Scooby Miles. He's in the zone and won't quit or at least we hope no time soon.

Released one day before SheedBe's Space Age Pimpin Scooby Miles and DJ_QJ offered up 'Top Off' featuring the funner side of Q's ping-pong type bounce, perfect for the wordy and energetic Mr. Miles. Again you see the evolution of the sound here as Scooby hones in on his slower more pronounced flow, keeping his voice a little more relaxed and baritone but never leaves the pocket he and Q have created. The content sticks to what Scoob knows best - broads and in the broadest way he explains how quickly your girl could be lying about being in the passenger seat playing genie and giving :30 wishes with her top off. The hook also serves as a reminder ":30 the wave and we flooding the streets".

As if to ensure Scooby wasn't lying the very next day another package arrives from the :30 warehouse of hits. The other side of DJ_QJ shows up darker and more deep bass heavy than the last time we heard his haunting side of their sound. The production engineering has also elevated a bit with these last two releases but this one in particular sounds like it's right where it should be. It sounds just as tight and sure of itself as the voice crawling through it with a cadence, and what a cadence. SheedBe (the coolest rapper in the world **DJESCO drop voice**) and Q apparently made this for a crater after party in space somewhere. It's like jumping up and down on the Moon, so is Sheed's flow it's elongated with quick snaps in between and airy filler ad-libs. The song feels zero gravity at times, especially in the beginning, then you brace for impact and land, your feet plant on the space gravel and you feel the boom. It's poetic stuff and Sheed is a necessary literary device. Forever speaking to money the message behind this one is - to infinity and beyond "...please do not beam me up - unless you take me to the money".

A word to the wise for the eyes that made it this far down the page - be on the look out for their split project coming soon. :30 the new wave.

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