This year has been cover in 3 stripes. There is no mistaking the surge they made over the past 7-10 months capturing Kanye West as collection creative director and designer for a line parallel with his name and persona. The outstanding work they've done with Pharrell to reinvigorate the Adi-color tradition, even if solely based off volume, was impossible to go unnoticed. Their continued work with Raf has been exceptional as always and of course their boost sole technology, that again Ye helped make cool to pop culture, may revolutionize trainer last if it can last more than this years rave reviews. There was even a Nigo collection somewhere in the midst of their very busy year. 

It's been a very busy year from eTceTera as well. Since the 1 year anniversary there has been an increase in tempo. With so much in the chamber and the demand rising the moment is now. Holiday '15 was a one piece released that spawned itself into a collection, after refining and revising so many times there ended up being enough looks for a capsule. The idea itself may have been older but when visited again during the Summer the timing couldn't have made more sense (pun intended). 

So this Holiday '15 season, on December 19th, eTceTera will be releasing 'ETC SEASON 1' a homage collection to Adidas year on the rise and eTceTera's as well. Think of it like two friends with close birthdays sharing a party. Beside the literal logo flip there are pieces of the 3 stripe heritage throughout the collection, particularly in reference to color palettes, that help tell the story. There are military green, maroon and baby blue pieces, signatures of their company, next to black, white and heather items. Due to the weather and climate during this release there is only one short sleeve option; most pieces are long sleeve and three headwear pieces round out the capsule. All items are produced in limited quantity per usual making them perfect gifts to serve as souvenirs for the year of the 'glo up' in 2015. 'ETC SEASON 1' will be available in-store via 907 Pacific Ave Tacoma, WA 98402 and online via    

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