Let us start with a thanks because we are always thankful. Thankful to be able to give back and thankful for all the support. This year has been busy and being busy ain't easy (word to Nigo). In the fourth quarter we finally got on the schedule we created for ourselves and now the ball is rolling - kind of. Starting with the Black Friday Collection we have been able to unveil everything from the year previous archive that bared the question,

"Will this work"??

But The Hundreds hat came out of nowhere and worked itself into the timeline, the Rare10 releases, which have become my favorite part of the company and the Adi-Dome collection in homage to one of our favorite athletic brands having a stellar year all jumped on the chopping block post our 1 year celebration. And the support has been overwhelming. Thanks again.

Now enough with the thanks. Let's talk about what is next on the menu. MSM collab anyone?? Maybe?? Or how about a weekly night where like (and not-so-like) minds can drink, mingle, meet and later touch genitals, maybe, should the vibes pan out in your favor. The culture is present and the people are present but the locations are not here for us and so places that would be good become burnt out at accelerated rates because there is nowhere else to go. The other end of the spectrum is that the cool late night life that does happen is either terribly inconsistent or shut down after week two. So at the start of year, mid January, we'll start the change, some place in downtown Tacoma (TBA) you'll be able to find the 907 most likely and some cool faces from just beyond our borders doing late night the way we want to do it. In a bar, with a brew, the crew and a fire playlist. 

Umi WagonerComment