Reese is easily my favorite artist from ATL at the moment a spot he claimed with the release of the sequel to his DSNRTRPN (Designer Trappin) project. Reese has always had the skill to format and create full songs and his aesthetic and visuals are always top notch quality. This time around he's back with another stunning visual for 'Money Talks'. During the first week or so of the project's release 'Dabbin' seemed like it would get the secondary visual treatment because of the dance's hype in pop culture currently. The first was 'Reese Mane LAFLARE 2'. I don't know if he decided against it because of that terrible Migos' 'Look at My Dab' song and visual warped the wave but it worked in our favor seeing as the 907 favorites from DSNRTRPN2 are Money Talks, Break the Bank and Fasho - in that order. 

Exciting editing and plenty of personality from Reese make this one to watch. But stay tuned because he's lead on that this may not be the last DSNRTRPN 2 visual. 

Umi WagonerComment