My favorite artists are the artist that don't care to be artist for anyone other than who they make art with or solely for themselves. JRMxJAI are exactly that - they may be the definition of it; they first became known for their lyrical prowess and their DIY, shoegaze views of the world but with all this underlying angst. Honestly from a technical aspect they may be in the top 2% lyrically around these parts and without any real attempt to promote their Soundcloud plays are decent. The beats from infamous KreamTeam do help but it's really a healthy marriage of thick drums and space that allows their personalities to shine through and as a listener you take a trip because everything is full of imagery with these two and it's vivid. You can almost see Jrm taking the military jacket off a dead corpse and wearing it to a cocktail party he didn't get an invitation to or Jai literally putting his hand up to keep you from telling him about something your favorite celeb did last night at an award show he forgot even existed. Refreshing. The rawness is flawless. 

High Life is their latest release and is a bit more song structured and conceptual with a Jrm hook attached flipping a metaphor for living the high life and how those who crave it are underprepared. Somehow they are inspiring in the midst of their agony living in a world of consumerism they want no part of. Just play the songs already and follow them - because who knows when the next one drops. 

Umi WagonerComment