In the midst of working on multiple new projects Blakksoul decided to let one go before the release of his next full length work. If you keep up with Blakksoul you know that he made Billboard last week due to his involvement in Rapper Big Pooh's new fire album Words Paint Pictures. Not too mention his work (back-up vocals) on Mayor Hawthorne's last project. If you don't keep up with Blakksoul you are now up to speed on his work ethic - so go play something. 

Start with "Rewind" it's a good look into the sound that Soul is preserving from his youth and a mesh of the slightly more modern beat selection he's beginning to experiment with. It's all in the harmonies, but my favorite part is the bridge and pitched down filter on his vocals - in conjunction with his writing making it a regular freak jam. Now ask yourself when is the last time, since retro R.Kelly, you heard a quality freak song that wasn't irritatingly explicit??

**thotties queue up their Chris Brown catalogues**

This is not that, this is driving alone belting lyrics on the way to her house, or karaoke with her on the way home from the bar and a great song for a ole-fashion house/frat party. Or you can do as Soul intended and go half on an infant. There a multiple settings for this one - pick your poison. 

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