No, it is not hippie-esque, barefoot, beads, bandana and tambourine festival music - but the spirit animal of all that lives on with her newest project and redirection I AM Vicci Martinez. The latest from Tacoma's own Martinez is polished, professional and the appropriate type of BIG - big enough to fill up the main stage. There is arena value in all of Martinez's new work, should the fan base ever reach those heights, she'll be ready. Starting at track one, Bad News Breakers, the chords are huge and punctuated, all of her star bravado is present and it's relatable conceptually. There is no surprise why it was the choice for album single. But the rest of the album matches that energy, there are tempo changes of course but music with this album is very tied together and that was surprisingly an attractive quality. Songs like 'Best Dress' and 'Your Move' have just as much single potential as BNB, especially because 'Your Move' has a neo R&B swing to it, great percussion and her harmonies work well throughout the song even wit all the beat changes. 

It's a futuristic sound Vicci seems to have been reaching for and accomplished. But at time it was too futuristic in reference to input effects both with her voice and the music. There are times when the effects are overbearing or distracting. That may be a personal gripe, seeing how there is a lot of dance music influence it could be a part of the sound of which I'm a novice - it was obviously intentional on her behalf. But what ties it all together and makes it a solid album is the spirit animal referenced earlier - the lyrics, Vicci's writing is and we has always been the best part of her music. It's emotional and complex in feeling but simple and elegant in delivery so it's fun to hear her decorate it up for the dance songs and strip it bare for the more sensual tracks. 

We didn't write about this album right away because that is part of the issue with music critics currently. How could one formulate a solid opinion in less than a week? That is no opinion worth listening to, everything is harsh on the ears first listen you have to give your ears time to adjust to the new. Trust this - if it is bad it was always be bad there is no "it'll will grow on you". With that said go get 'I Am Vicci Martinez' it's solid enough to sit with and enjoy before telling you whether or not she held it down for the TOWN - but she did and did it well. 

Club907 VOTE: Best song on the project is Hard Earned Day.

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