This week we had the pleasure to bring out one of the most well respected and talented lyricist from Tacoma - Cally Reed. This is not Cally's first or last time being feature on LikeItorNot the blog. Last year after a name change from Element to Cally Reed, Cally burst back onto the scene after a long hiatus with Call Me Cally. It's a banger from cover to cover if you were to ask the 907 - but 'Off That' the lead single with a standout video was an introduction that will stick with me forever when referencing "how it's suppose to be done" here in Tacoma and the PNW. I recall having a chat with Cally in front of the store giving praise to his work and his response skipping over the work he had just accomplished to talk about what he wanted to accomplish next - typical artsy artist shit. He was adamant about putting out work that expressed the hardships versus glorifying where he is currently in life a man. 'No Mirrors' was the project - and one year later it's all come to fruition as he foretold only there's a twist to how you'll get it - find out how by listening below.