This has been in our bag of tricks for sometime, we are bringing out my good friend, owner of 40's & Shorties and Dom Kennedy's DJ - DrewByrd - who last night DJ'd the TDE Grammy party immediately after Kendrick took home 5 of those shiny gold plated trophies. Besides being the OpM DJ/hype-man on tour DrewByrd is also the producer that brought hits to the table such as 'It Was Beautiful', 'Gold Alpinas' and my personal favorite from his production catalogue '1:25'. This wont't be DrewByrd's first time setting pace for the party in Washington, he DJ'd Alive&Well's monthly during a Zumies exec weekend last year and it was the most fun that we have ever had via 95 Slide. 

Since then we've had Drew on standby to be the guest DJ set once a new and lavish location was secured for the infamous Club907. The location has been secured. On Feb 27th we invite every 21+ soul in Tacoma to come out, get a little loopy and dance all night or at least until the 1AM hour. The ballroom is inside the A Street Post Office, a historical building in Downtown Tacoma just off 11th street. The ballroom is equipped with floor to ceiling windows that over look the Tacoma Dome and suspension bridge and a state-of-the-art colored ceiling lighting system.

The bar will feature vodka, whiskey, the 'Club907 Apple Splash' signature drink and beer. Each ticket purchase comes with 1 DRINK. But you can pre-purchase drink tickets 2 for $5 in store before the night via eTcTacoma as incentive to come out, spend less and party more on the night in question. It also means if you're spending $20 you're 3 drinks deep, partying with OpM Drewbyrd, Sean the Shaman and the 907 clan for the price of 2 drinks anywhere else. 

In the past this has been thee MOST lit night show we put on. The goal is to record set the rage every time. Break the knob off!!!

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