Choice is a hometown hero of sorts, he spent his early career grinding it out doing shows throughout inner city Seattle before it was the hip thing to do for this generation of new schoolers who rely so heavily on Internet presence. His performance and incredible wordplay garnered him enough attention that when he began to open up for bigger names audience members would come early to see what they were hearing so much about. There were also still a major portion of the crowd that learned about his song quality and professionalism unknowingly - if you were there you were lucky to catch it. 

Then he disappeared (from the local scene). That disappearance lead to a blossoming relationship with DJ Mustard way before and amidst his rise to stardom as the producer with a particular tempo. In LA he took what he learned from being home is Seattle and applied it - he hit the streets and made sure to hit the stage when the opportunity presented itself organically. Aaaannnd it all came full circle when, after spending a solid amount of time in the studio with his camp, DJ Mustard asked Choice to jump aboard the new label he was starting - 10 Summers. 

Since then Choice has been in a whirlwind releasing a split project with RJ, another 10 Summers artist, a solo EP on HotNewHipHop, a video for the lead cut off the project "I Be Wit" and shows up and down the Pacific coast. Now that he's made his imprint on the Internet and in LA Choice has returned home and to work with the creme da la creme of Seattle.

And his first chess move was the best move - Choice linked with Harry Clean, who hands down does the best rap videos in Western Washington. The end result is "Factor Up" a song that feels like a real life depiction of his road less travelled to become self made in the Northwest and along the coast. This one is pivotal to your understanding of Choice as an artist and song writer. More of this will provide the win he's running towards.