If you are from the TOWN and you don't know about Keon by now you are out of the loop. That is a fact; if you are out of state and "follow" eTc but don't know about Keon, you my friend are also on the outer region of the loop. But luckily for all of us :30 stays ahead of themselves and Keon and DJ_QJ let a few from the vault go for Simms born day behind bars. 2018 is when we can expect Keon back home and back to work in the booth but it is evident, via 2018 the EP, that work hasn't stopped and he's refining his pen gave daily. We can only look forward to hearing the new new and until then these 3 tracks will suffice. But that's only because the hope is that there are a solid dozen more cuts in the wings and we're being rationed them at a pace. 

Take a quick moment and play 2018 by Keon Simms.