We heavily support BBE & 4716, they stand for the self expression of rowdy youth - rule breakers and risk takers. They are also the bulk of a community that teeters the hardcore/rap scenes. They take hardcore energy to rap showS and vice versa. It's some of the best people watching you can ever do - being at one of their self promoted and produced shows. The energy is insane. 

It's because of that energy and consistent work ethic, most crews often lack, that they are starting to garner the respect of local acts around them (their peers) both in the hardcore and in the hip-hop/rap scenes. So it was no surprise when Yung Fern told me he was going for all the features this Summer. And thus far he has a little of every clique that matters making an appearance with him on music preluding his first physical copy solo release. Glenn, parts of :30, French rapper Kento, 907 members and more make appearances. What is surprising is that the lo-fi lagoon Fern decided to bless us with the duty of releasing his KHRIS P feature through our Soundcloud and on short notice. He's real Beyonce to the bullshit right now but he gets the best vibes from IFY and SVNDLAAT conductor KP. Fern keeps is monotone pace, Big Bitter delivers on the beat and KP brings all the life to the track with an adlib style that is my personal favorite from him - he's basically in the background talking shit thee entire song and in the form of an echo. The coolest thing is there is real chemistry here, Yung Fern months ago wanted nothing more then to be on bill with Khris and now he's got him on a street single for his next full length. We like what Fern is doing and if you don't then this song is more than applicable.