Reeseswagod is playing his hand so well it sicking. Petty Mcgrady crazy. It's fun to watch, to catch you up Lil Uzi Vert decided to steal the title of Reese's fi‎rst tape - Reese vs The World and has named his latest project lil uzi Vert vs the world. What a weirdo. Especially since he was little homie to Reese and now he's acting like he was not, in addition to the FACT that Reese has already made Reese vs. The World II sometime ago. It's also pretty petty of Don Cannon and DJ Drama who run the lil uzi brand and once did the same for Reese - so touche. 

At any rate Reese and his camp came together with the ill response tape as a precursor to the next project. BeforetheUniverse is a compilation tape of a lot of the Reese bangers over the past few years and it's a great way to show the reach and long time work ethic Reese has been putting in. There are definitely a few bangers missing, on a personal note, but outside of that little hicccup it is a slew of hits you know and/or may have missed. BTU is the perfect hold over while we wait for Reese vs The Universe.