Honestly every beat tape sucked, likeitornot, before DONUTS and everyone after it until Angler Fishing and everyone after that until Mansions 1 & 2. Since then no beat tape has penetrated a speaker sub around the 907 until now. It could be because he's from one of the few crews that can keep a party going, and a good party, Fish Tank Friends turns up every third Thursday in Seattle at the Croc. Or it could be because he's one of the few artists releasing projects from the Old Tacoma Records label. 

But really it's because Cameron makes great music. He's also the guy behind Glenn's "Chew" the moody mp3 loosie that dropped right before his latest video New Balance premiered on No Jumper. 

No Response is an incredibly solid fusion sound. It's what you might hear in a Vegas club during a transition from Future to Diplo and then back again - only it's good. What sets his sound apart from the rest of the beatmakers on soundcloud and elsewhere is the structure and sequencing. Cameron managed to make the music speak, outside of the melodies, it has its own cadence and catchy bounce - and that's every song. He also has the ability to make his sound feel enormous and does so on the EP single 1800.

His sampling is another strong point; Cameron is looking to grab you attention instead of attempting to misplace and throw the listener off balance. The samples hit with every head nod aka, where you want them to hit, see Long 4 - it is a CUT. The EP is six tracks and about 21 minutes long. You can find it on the Old Tacoma Records bandcamp if you want to show some monetary love or you can stream it below via Soundcloud.