I swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The SOUNDWAVESVOLII production (process until completion - not musically) and final product did not go as planned. SWVII was suppose to a be Seattle heavy compilation to revival the theme of the previous year's Tacoma heavy lineup. Let's log it in our minds that asking for music began over a month and a half ago, for some artists even early - there was not one song turned in by any Seattle artist. I'm not sure if this is a sign indicating that SW isn't a large enough platform but the show must go on and on mission became reaffirmed and clearer than ever before. We are here for the artist with the extra work ethic, the artist that don't need to be chased down, the artist that see opportunity in every creation of content. We are not here for the comfortable artist, the artist with ambition that only goes as far as the immediate praise, the artist that requires being chased down. It's ironic that with a little success from this tape some of the hungrier artists on this tape will become the exactly the type of artists we're referencing. But it's understood that structure the game is built on is about peasants clawing to be king and that the dethrone of one keeps the cycle going.

So instead of exhausting emails and call logs we looked to the artists that we were stampeding our inbox, the names we are just starting to hear or may have popped up on us when lost in a Soundcloud voyage for new music. It's a plunge even deeper into being a first adopter because make no mistake these artist do have fan base no matter how minuscule but all it takes is potential and proper expose to expand the following. Some of the more popular names from this tape are names that were barely catching our ear last volume. For example BBE members Yung Fern, Buje & Ghoul have amassed a cult following since their group tape and several shows in the past year. And this year Tacoman rapper DG is debuting his capabilities as well. But all wasn't lost for the Seattle scene OG Splurge Moolah blessed us with an unreleased song we've been attempting to acquire from his catalog for some time and newcomer to the scene GQ teamed up with Arizona's Basshaus and send over a SWVII exclusive. So it's proven again that there are no such things as mistakes and much like last year this is an opportunity for upcoming artists to come up together by promoting and pushing all of their audiences to a collective meeting point and letting them make sense of who is the talent with the star potential.