The Grand Cinema has been working extremely hard in the last year and half to build their presence with the youth. Their efforts have been solid; the "Fresh Dressed" screening was a real eye opening experience and it showed the reach of the Grand Cinema is a lot further then the 45+ demographic you see having date night regularly. Fresh blood on the cinema's council is the reasoning behind all of this, one of the Tacoma Surf Club members has organically infiltrated the hive and while I'm sure these cool opportunities have always been a possibilty little seemed to being pushed through to fruition in addition to the sad fact that the Grand had little idea on how to successfully market to their more urban influenced youth. It's working and tonight it continues with the screening of "The Land" a film by Steven Caple Jr. and a coming of age tale executive produced by legendary emcee Nas. The film follows a group of misfit skate kids through Cleveland as they stumble through trouble with parents, friendship and getting mixed up with the wrong type of business men. 

Following the screening at the Grand Cinema there will be a panel and discussion about both the movie from panel members representing the sponsors on the poster below. It will be an amazing moment to spotlight youth in Tacoma that are having a similar experience as they end their adolescents.  

The screening starts at 7PM and the panel begins at 9PM at The Grand Cinema 606 Fawcett Ave, Tacoma, WA 98402.