From Janky to Swanky, pretty sure he had me at the title but the cover, Old Tacoma Records vouch and Fish Tank Friends affiliation put Chase Miles over the top in terms of a name unknown and me pressing play. During the BALOOGZ podcast he blessed me in with a physical copy of FJTW and the custom air-freshener that Miles and OTR paired with each disc. Truth be told it was more amazing office decor and collectible until I made thee most brutal mistake and shouted out Cam (also a Fish Tank Friends member) instead of Chase **dusts of dunce cap**. I then immediately felt compelled to play the project in full - and so I did, then I did again, and one more time and on a small stroll through Seattle and one time in kitchen while making dinner. I'm not going to say that I loved every song but more times than not I found myself having shoulder seizures in the car, at the shop, writing this piece. Not everyone can sit and enjoy a beat/production project, no matter what somehow it turns into Jazz or EDM in to a certain ear. That is NOT my testimony from singles with the instrumental track to J-Dilla beat tapes to Alexander Spit 'Mansions' projects I've travelled that far. Chase Miles proved himself a competitor. The sound is a lot more disco and dance influenced then I expected, there is a lot less soul influence then I expected as well but those are both strong points about the project. There also seems to be a good amount of composing and it is impressive to say the least. On the track 'Oh' all the elements of the tape collide and explode into some the grooviest two-step music I've played since Daft Punk - AWW YEA has bit of that spirit as well. I want to thank Old Tacoma Records for putting this project out, sometimes it takes a project to be presented in the right way by the right people and political as that sounds it's the truth - time is not something to be wasted, if my preconceived notion is that it won't be on par what is the point in playing it. But that perception can easily be altered with a strong recommendation or when presented to you in a way that appeals to your personal values. Now that is not always the case, I get click happy on Soundcloud often, but I'm down for Old Tacoma Records so I'm down for Chase Miles but he made me a fan of From Janky To Swanky. 

Like: The title, the cover (shout out Zach Barr), asethetic, air-freshener accessory, Oh, Paws, D. Robe, tracklist/sequencing 

Dislike: Zero original vocals (when you can sample fire, you should always find room for custom vocal samples it levels up the originality of the production), Jank

Highlight: The intro of 'Oh' is magical and the sampled words "...need you baby"