Jay Morrison is here again with another jam. The Fat Boy Fendi has been out here for a minute and after it in the right ways. He's well connected as a networker, scenester and people person and this Summer I watched him combine all those talents in order to showcase and progress himself as an artist. We first played Jay via CaseyCarter before it was TheBlowUp Co. At the time it felt as though he had the persona and his target audience but the music was not what I needed it to be in order to end up on my LA palm tree playlist. Again, time has passed and it's clear that Jay has taken his professionalism and lyricism to the next level. This latest offering it a highlighted example, he's crafted a song that has emotional connection and reference that any person can relate to but specifically his target audience of Seattleites young and old that care for their wardrobe in the manner a biker cares for his MC. Another huge highlight here is the i5 production - i5 is a new name for me to see in the production credits but I know I'll be looking for it more often after the modern boom-bap meets classic sampling that he laced together for 'Best Dressed'. 

Likes: All the adlibs,  "...yeah and I kicked it off with the steel-toe" , the on and off melodic cadence, beat selection, his story at the end about Buscemi's, cool structure a solid song w/ no traditional hook 

Dislikes: "...fuck the game mane I came like a dildo"