Whenever I mention Raz the first thing I have to comment on is his level of professionalism. He takes it serious and that helps me take him serious, especially since he is a character. Wearing fists full of gold, a full bottom grill, tattoo blazed upper half from shoulder to knuckles, a full length Philly Freeza beard and he stays with a wrist accessory and from what I can tell it's all gold everything. So needless to say the look can be captivating to some and that is an asset all on its own when speaking to perception and professionalism - he looks the part. But he also plays his role well, witty and on pace with pop culture he speaks to crowds in language they can understand and appreciate, his loyal followers even adopt some of his jargon along the way. His latest work being a prime example "Trapanese". Raz talks about not being able to communicate with persons that don't have the same ambitions to get after all that the world has to offer and speaking Trapanese means you have seen the hustle the same way he has whether in the streets or in the offices if you're propelling forward in the pursuit of paper and self-progression you're speaking the same language. Lyrically there could have been more jaw dropping bars but structurally and sonically (production value) Raz again touched on that level of professionalism that makes it not the least bit surprising when you log into Soundcloud and he's the sponsored track at the top of the page. There is an orchestra or choir or something along those lines in the beat and it sets everything up for showtime - Trapanese should be wild live.