This week on LIKEITORNOT we were able to finally catch up with Swanks. Leon Swanks to be exact, aka Papi Chulo aka Lockcity. His journey through Tacoma and as a Tacoman has been unique, he is one of the few that has a face card in every room whether it be a rave or a open mic night someone knows Swanks. In our interview we do our best to get HIM to tell the story - it may have been the good bud or the brews but it was a little difficult to get the stories in full. Luckily as hosts, fans and teammates of the SVNDLAAT we knew enough to steer the conversation in the right direction. In the end all is revealed and you hear about the young Lockcity, what that means and how the organic and candid maturation of Swanks has influenced his sound via relationships and friendships.