Tacoman emcee Seaan Brooks has just released his latest although he hasn't left the studio. For all we know he released it from the studio and went back to work. His work ethic is worth applauding every time. Onto the music - per usual Seaan really has an ear for production. Seaan is often gracious enough to drop by the 907 and play his projects before they release and he did so with When All Else Fails. Off the in-store listen I enjoyed all the cadences and the song structures are strong. Recommendations from this side are Crush, Blessings, 40 (Perry's verse on there is fye), Have It All is a short but good addition to the project and certainly You Got It with Will Jordan. The other tracks have too much gun/drug talk and hustling in content, it doesn't align with the Seaan Brooks brand and a more than usual usage of gang references. It's extra time around. It's not like it hasn't always been somewhere in the lyrics but we don't want to hear that from Seaan. We want to hear more of the stories of what he's seen (which he does well) and artist anguish then the party records that celebrate life's wins no matter how big - that's where his talents mesh us. Maybe the title of the album was a foreshadowing of sorts??  

He's also an artist so he's going to do what is true to him and as he says below in his album forward that was attached to his release tweet this is 100% where's he at right now. 

Speaking of artists again Seaan came through with the visual direction and enlisted Perry Porter to not only a track but the art direction and he produced the cover. The color pattern extends to the back track listing as well, it's a fine art representation of Brooks that is one for his scrapbook for certain.   

Likeitornot that's where we stand on this one.