Season 1 one LIKEITORNOT was more than amazing and we want to thank all of our guests who came out and showed love but more importantly let another soul somewhere in the Soundcloud soundscape know that they too can achieve their personal goals and ambitions. It's about the journey. We are looking forward to next season and building on what we have began but until then we will be promoting and encouraging you to helps us gain new listeners by taking them back through some of your favorite LIKEITORNOT moments. Comment, share and follow. Help us grow this behind the web and into something tangible and culturally effective. God Bless LIKEITORNOT.

This week we had OCNotes in studio B for episode 34 of LIKEITORNOT and no, it wasn't coincidentally referred to EVER, as the 'Barkley episode'. Fuck Charles Barkley. At any rate, it was a very drunken, sporadic conversation that touched on everything and Nothing at all, haha. Oh, we also had the Spam God in the house aka Maui Shaun from Ebbets Field Flannels, to talk about his recent project, which is MAPS and is very dear to his heart. He had a pop-up at Alive and Well that you probably went to and he also just dropped pins, shirts and most notably, the MAPS Ballcaps, in collaboration with Ebbets. As of press time there was no hats left. This night wouldn't have been made possible without the help of the Ganesh berry from Zion Gardens & young Ysidro assisting the LIKEITORNOT staff on the whiskey runs to Bartell's. Afterward, We bumped into Jake One and Vitamin D on 2nd Abe. and watched B-Legit enter 88 Keys like a boss. Enjoy this drunken episode, listen with friends.
- A Hyp

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