READ: What We Do + Young & Yogi

When I hear people speak about eTcTacoma and eTceTera in a positive light the word most often associated with us is community. Our efforts to spotlight any and every local talent from art to dance and now yoga. It's about spotlighting for us because The T (how I will be referring to Tacoma from now on) has some many amazing people doing amazing things but our consumer mindset is stuck on purchasing outside of The T.

We hear it all the time, "Awww, I don't be shoppin' out here like that. I either go North or cop online from when I shop here but I REALLY go up when I'm out of town". 

After all these years it's still heartbreaking to hear from all our coolest comrades - we get it you want to be different. So that's not even a battle worth fighting anymore but still a necessary observation of the young T culture to address. We were the same in our era so no shots. To make things clear we were also some of the few who saw that problem and started to build our brands because of it. So there is some silver lining but now we're in a new era more advanced in the understanding  commerce and how pop culture moves so how are we still missing it?? Not for us to know + we'll just keep going. 

We are here, approaching our 3 year anniversary this July and the doors remain open for events and pop-up shops. Much like we spoke about at the top of the year it's about building on the narrative now and through trial and error we have seen that the T moves  given the consistent space to do so. Space is in fact often the issue, Toe Jam faces an uphill battle every time they put it together, hunting for spaces that provide the right atmosphere within city limits. We don't have the space to accommodate them, yet, but that's the kind of business we are here to get behind and talk about in the appropriate manner. So give us more.  Our mission is to build the readership here and then take the talks to another level,  we need a voice in The Tribune that highlights our side of the culture on the regular and more importantly knows WHAT to highlight. It doesn't have to be us - but it has to be someone in the pool with their finger on the pulse. 

Until then we'll keep it moving. Pull up this Sunday for the first installment of Young and Yogi with instructor Gracie who will also have the fye playlist to accompany the session and keep the vibes lighthearted. This is a beginners course.