READ: Houdinii Tacoma is there future

I don't even skateboard and as an observer even I can how watered down the scene has been in Tacoma over the past decade. I can't speak to the decade prior to that I was too far removed and caught in the hardwood vortex it seems every Tacoman young man must make their pass through no matter how extended or fleeting the journey. It was in Los Angeles that I learned what and who to look for, much like anything else there are telling body language, speech and dress that profile a certain level of authenticity and preconceived value to the culture. Like all others things this is true to a large portion of the skateboard population but not all. Being in Tacoma and keeping our doors open to the creative minds of the Tacomans ( especially youth) of a very near tomorrow has allowed us to usher in the young and ambitious looking for a proper channel to present and push their passion project. Houdinii Tacoma was one of the first, this isn't their first time being featured on this journal and it won't be last. Immediately upon meeting founder Shaq I understood his prowess and as I got to know him more the reasons behind his aesthetic. But outside of his first drop when we featured his life 'Witch Haze' T Houdinii has been available via its website only. Or the Red Haze release by Red zone and Houdinii that might have been entirely hand to hand sales. This time Houdinii Tacoma is back and making a brand transition, introducing a new logo and selling select colors in new product at eTcTacoma only. The new logo is much more lively and colorful then anything HT had ever released. A this time it's the full effort, designed in Tacoma, produced and printed in California and sold in-store only at Club907. A couple of other epic moments to note about this release, the lookbook, featured here, was co-directed and shot by Tacoman Fice whom has a reputation for his skills with the stills that is growing rapidly on the scene. The lookbook features a couple of the Houdinii gang regulars Moonshine and TaySpliff. In addition to the couple solid pieces that will be in-store this Saturday 4/8 Shaq will be releasing a new edit. You can also expect to find that on here drop day. Another thing you can expect is to see Houdinii working in tandem with eTcTacoma a lot this Summer - best trick comps, edit premiers, Houdinii curated zone releases and art shows, go skate night - plenty. 

Houdinii doesn't need the comparison to industry thriving brands because it has its own culture and that is what it takes to become an industry thriving skateboard company - your own. 

Perris WrightComment