Event: Club907 via Jazzbones

Summer in the Northwest is a particular type of special because every thing around us glows up - almost literally. The rain spends the rest of the year cleansing the natural beauty over and over again in preparation for the season that matters most to us when the sun hits and rises high early every morning and leaves late every evening. Every day looks like a painting, every which way groups of bright green and sun kissed brown illuminate our drives, walks, errands, eTc. The sun ignites us to dig into our wardrobe and do better, to touch our spontaneous side once or twice more a week to live outside rather than hideout.  It's actually a little scary from the outside looking in at how much the dynamic of our population changes with the addition of sun and temperature above 70. We almost go mad - and it is mad fun for about two and a half months. But honestly that's all we get and the feeling of KNOWING that with any sort of certainty is painful. 



Our mission is, has been and will always be to be early, not first but early, early is before first starts to think about it, early is in the midst or done with it when traditional timing says it's just beginning. It's been a pattern in most things that we've done thus far from events, products, planning and all - but it is also not something we expect you to be paying such close attention to just yet. Club907 is no different. The non-traditional monthly club night does not exist yet in Tacoma and while we have been attempting for the past two and a half years to keep it tucked away from the rest of Tacoma nightlife we feel it's time to take it to what would be considered, by most, to be the main stage - 6th Ave and at none other than Jazzbones. 

So as it stands SUNDAY, May 21st 8PM-MIDNIGHT, 21 and up only with rotating DJ sets from our favorite popping DJs in Tacoma is happening. Why a Sunday?? You must be missing the NON-TRADITIONAL theme here. A month before calender Summer (June 20/21) is when the engines need to be gearing up, by Summer solstice we need to be in full hammock and margaritas mode 3 times out of the week. There's 365 days and only 90 days we can expect to have shot at sprinting around nature's paradise, the Northwest, May 21st let's up the ante.