EVENT: Rollin With The Homies Tour x Gifted Gab

Gifted Gab is one of the names that rings bells in the Washington hip-hop/rap scene and other neighboring markets. That is a fact - so let us not argue the facts. As an emcee she has shown skill set on par and above the bars set by others from her area male or female. As a performer she has run the circuit once, twice and possibly blindfolded a third time. All these accolades make her a must-see if you say you're in the scene.

As a woman she has crushed a few gender barriers and perceptions, inspired other women to pursue their passion in the arts and paved the way for a new crowd who I personally may not have given my ear to without Gab catching the spotlight and breeding that intrigue to keep my ears open for other female acts. LikeItorNot she did that. Along the way there have been other moments from Gab that let me know she is as authentic as one can ask for with her craft. Her illustration abilities are prime and add to her persona is a positive way. I'm not sure if we need to use the term fine art but I bought something hand drawn that was impressive, sits and fits nicely into the decor of my personal space. She is an artist full circle.  


Now Gab is taking her talents on the road and because she can not seem to get the support of other touring artist from Seattle she is taking the top spot and headlining her very own tour Rollin With The Homies - very literal and I like it. You can be sure there will be familiar supports during some of the of the closer stops but this one is about Gifted and it should be. So far the tour has 6 dates and counting. The itinerary starts with cruising through Washington before making the Portland stop, I can smell a Eugene spot popping up, then heading to TX for Austin with Michael Watts DJing her set in the state where he made his name and changed the game. And this is what Gifted brings, she has fans in other markets, sure she cleans up around the homebase but she has pockets of cult followings across the country. And then there is the other plus HER BUSINESS ACUMEN. She networks well and moves through the rooms and venues appropriately but she is no mouse about it, her cards are on the table. 


So is you rollin or what?? June 2nd it kicks off in a genuine way with a meet and greet happening for the lil homies at 2312 Gallery once hub and home for a plenty of J.Moore and Moor Gang activities. Followed by what I'm sure will be more of a kickoff party than concert the next night at Neumos. Cop up ticket and spread the word to your homie who has never heard of the Gifted Gab.