LISTEN: Sports Podcast - Rookies of the Year podcast Episodes 1-5

I'm sure we have all noticed the influx of new podcasts popping up on Soundcloud. It seems like everyone has an opinion that they need heard. I like it. The narrative of subjects is how you get people interested, you get them talking about you talking. Look at how successful argument/debate driven television and Youtube shows have become. It's a smart branding opportunity for any business. 

This new podcast that I have been following, Rookies of the Year, comes from some guys in Southern California, friends obviously, and their chemistry is fun to listen to as they navigate the landscape of what they do and don't like from recent sporting events and stories. The hosts are J.R., Cease & Los and as they mention in Episode 5 Sundays seem to be the day they record and Monday is release day. The episodes are fairly long but they cover a lot of different topics during each show - it's never one sided in that aspect but it's always about SPORTS. It's a good start from the trio over at Rookies of the Year, podcasts are always about consistency though, I'm hoping these guys keep it going.