READ: Tacoma_Action x King 5

Tacoma should be proud. @Tacoma_Action has mobilized and made quite the noticeable change in Tacoma, they have people critically thinking about the wrongs of erasing black people, what that means and how it happens so unintentionally and needs to be addressed because of the ease at which Black lives are disregarded. Club907 friend Jaleesa has been at this for several years being an activist in every way as she describes during her interview with King5. It is a joy to see the work Tac_Action has done being raised in awareness and it is refreshing to see King5 plugging in the community appropriately. This is noticeable change and Tacomans in action. 

Thank you Tacoma_Action for all your hard work and sacrifice. 

Please click HERE to read and watch what Jaleesa needed to say about their efforts.