VIDEO: Cruisin x Eazy EQ

Eazy stay working. You can never take that away from EGB they right there in Eazy's corner making sure that the look is proper and that the name and gang is intact. For the latest release Eazy tapped in with Tacoma's favorite man behind the lens PHX. The video was shot in tandem with Eazy's birthday it would appear from the opening scene and her fam clearly took over the park and playground. They brought out the big motor bikes and the Guamanian flag, it's dope to see EQ representing her ethnicity so proudly. Cruisin as a song is a solid effort from EQ and a song fit for the weather in the Northwest. EQ's verses were some of my favorite so far in terms of timing and sitting a little better in the beat. The EQ personality always pushes through in her delivery and that confidence remains present here. Working harder and smarter.