EVENT: Sage Art Unleashed x eTcTacoma

The Evil Sage Art company is coming to Tacoma. There has only been one other Evil Sage Art event, it was in Seattle and it was certainly a success. By not being in the room I was informed in hindsight through attendees that I missed out, it was obviously a success. Not only was it at Paradice Avenue Souf, a spot co-owned by Harry Clean, it was also curated to a T, Evil Sage has talent for putting these things together.   

KIDLOOT, ROB_REGIS, MARKUSPR1M3_ will all be in-store thanks to Sage Art July 15th. I can not stress how much of a pleasure and treasure this will be and in the coming weeks I'll help you get familiar with their works and the types of art the produce. Anime does have an underlining theme in this showcase and Evil Sage is an aficionado in the sub-genre that has had such an impact on American illustration. The night will feature work from the artists and possibly prints of some sort. The night also doubles as a Sage Art birthday affair, more details on that in the near future.