SPORTS: Triple-A All-star Game x Home Run Derby

Monday, July 10th history was made once again in the TOWN as the Triple-A All-Star festivities kicked off with the Home Run Derby. Folks from Washington and beyond packed out Cheney Stadium and camped out on cheapskate hill in hopes to watch balls fly. And fly they did! Six All-Stars representing their respective Minor League teams, including hometown boy Daniel Vogelbach stepped up to the plate to start the opening round. Each competitor had 4 minutes to yard as many baseballs as possible and we saw action right away with 2 guys scoring a 9. From there the action slowed. Scores of 5 and 6 had the crowd a little quiet until Pawtucket's own Bryce Brentz slammed out 16 home runs and Vogelbach crushed 13. At this point the place had come unglued and the first round was over. 

The second round was time for a cool down with scores of 4, 9, 4, and 6. Brentz added 4 to his 16 for 20 and Vogelbach added 6 to his 13 for 19 to set up the final 2. Only fitting for these guys to advance because of the first round show they put on. 

Now if I'm being unbiased here, the final round was one for the ages, but the factor of Rainiers own Vogelbach competing hindered the proper crowd reaction this deserved. I say this because Bryce Brentz was up first and he stole the show with an astonishing EIGHTEEN homers! He was on fire the whole 4 minutes and deserved a raucous ovation. It was nowhere to be found though because last up was the hometown kid. Unfortunately he disappointed with a minor 7 home runs. The crowd wanted to explode so bad there just wasn't enough there to fuel ‘em. So there it was, your Home Run Champion Bryce Brentz from the Pawtucket Red Sox! 

Despite Vogelbach coming up a bit short, this was a helluva show, and a thrill to be there live. Lots of folks came away with dope gear and the people on cheapskate hill struck it rich with home run balls! Hopefully you guys are/were a part of this historic week for Tacoma and the Rainiers organization as Wednesday is the All-Star game. Check out photos & results from all events on twitter @RainiersLand throughout the week!