VIDEO: 24k x Tre Ross

Fine Malt and the FML crew have been on our radar for a minute now. Their energy is dope, their looks are unique and their synergy and camaraderie seem unmatched. If there is ever crew spats their branding of the crew could easily dispel that, they are each others biggest fans. Watching the crew is one thing but it was finding a sound that we felt was true to our taste, and to stand was another feat. Recently Tre Ross, a familiar face from FML, became that sound. When you do something long enough and your genuine to your craft and work ethic shit starts to click in all the right ways. It also requires investing in yourself and calling Yungtada aboard may be the best way to do it. Tada has found a new of creating a feeling that only he can provide in post-production it captures everything good about the artist, it really puts them on a pedestal. Ross tapped in on the right one as well because 24k is a song that needed the visual treatment one way or another, it sounds like the laid back Summer song and the hook is as relatable as it gets. Simple is best.