VIDEO: First Day Out (remix) x Misundvrstood

Misundverstood is certainly one of the most consistent in our area and her energetic style, matches her often rapid tightly wound cadences and quick witted bars. All that makes sense when you see her performance because it all comes together in effortless delivery, there are times when I have questioned where her mouth was moving or not - she's scary in sync. The visual is well put together, several angles, scenes, wardrobe changes and cameos from the team. I enjoyed the drone work on this is and the post-production sequenced the shots together in a way that it help get Stood's point across. These kind of "remix" visuals show how seriously she takes all of this. Her team has begun investing in her a bit more and it is evident. Consistency is her number one strength she just needs to stick with it. After you check out the visual below scroll down a bit more and browse the Misundvrstood soundcloud page a bit - I like everything that she's doing. TownEnt is pushing the brand properly they need some recognition as well.