What Yung Tada has managed to do is no short of a miracle. What he offers is the ability to elevate artists in his area to visually match the aesthetic and quality of "industry" standards. Easily three of his latest videos have been better than the Magnolia video. Normally I hate to draw comparisons but in this case it works as a bar graph for showing you the level of expertise Tada provides. And when you understand his backstory and the persons he worked under before understanding his own potential and work ethic you realize quickly that he is meant for this and more. But let us get to that content later. Music videos may be just the start but it has been quite the start. Below are some of our favorites and latest from Yung Tada (who is showing ZERO signs of real fatigue) thus far he also shows a certain taste level in the caliber of artist that he chooses to work alongside and we support that vision wholeheartedly.  The Boolin' video in particular was really impressive in terms of after effects and shows a bit more of the Tada range. We all know the kid is a wiz with the steady cam and drone work but put him the editing bay and that is where the magic really happens. His framing and location scouting are also a major part of his arsenal and the two things you should enjoy the most about his work. 

Shout out to JUICETHEGOD for making sure a banger - necessary. 

Tada if you're out there reading this - what you're doing is priceless to the culture.

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