Pinder is back - well technically he's been back because earlier this year in both April and May he dropped EPs. The first was Any Day Now which had a couple of nice features and some pretty ambiguous and mysterious marketing behind it that felt very much like Pinder. That work led to his next project Something YOU Wanted which for us went a little under the radar but still seemed to get the proper response from Pinder's core listeners. The EP is one song shorter in tracklist and Gizzle Mcfly is the only feature. His latest EP Player Profile has caught some press since its release just days ago and the talk amongst the region is very positive. In terms of sound we have heard Pinder touch on harmony and melody but Player Profile teeters on R n'B. One of the things I enjoyed most is the sample at the intro. That has type of Track 1, for us, has become a Pinder signature and one we stand for. Our favorite song from the project has to be Silent Treatment. The whole EP is so different from what we THOUGHT we were going to get that it feels like it could be a demo tape. If you know Pinder and his publishing abilities the idea is not far fetched. You can't tell us a Bryson Tiller would not have benefited from a song like Silent Treatment. The intro is so soulful we could hear Anderson Pakk on it easily. Either way Pinder's hiatus is proving to be a progressive move. Let us not disrespect the 10.4 Rog production level - for years 10.4 has a pillar in the catalog of artist we support, it is clear he's still a go-to sound. 

"She know good drinks in VIP - but don't she don't try to understand me"