LXRD KNOWS is hosting a pop-up today in-store via 907 and here is why you should pull-up AT THE LEAST:

The region we live is starved for authentic streetwear culture. Business owners who have worked in the industry and dealt with others that have worked in the industry via retail, home offices, wholesale showrooms, trade shows and such are the missing piece to puzzle in our region. The people who make these connections usually leave ands stay gone. It is too far and between that you see success and hear the name of an independent brand from here move around from place to place within the Pacific Northwest space. You certainly don't see much of it being black owned business and that is what we are here to spotlight. It's a tough market out here - sometimes is feels like getting someone to believe in magic with out showing them behind the curtain and ruining all the allure. And dealing with mainstay retailers is out of the question. We do not want to do business the formatted way the clothing industry is used to and responsible for creating. We move on a more personal level and we've come to see that is hard to understand for big box retail to grasp. So we skip past them - no sweat we'll work harder and keep it all in house and eventually vertical. LXRD KNOWS is a black owned brand doing it much like us - but with a bigger Instagram following and far darker aesthetic. When you pull-up and ask him Chris will probably tell you "this is more than some streetwear shit" and he is right but you gotta start somewhere and the support here IN OUR REGION is needed most to sway the market in favor of independent brands so we can call the shots our way. Pull-up.