Ralphy Davis won us over instantly. Last year when we were in the thick of making open mic night a staple event at the shop is when Ralphy appeared. Honestly we were mostly surprised that he came to open mic night with such a strong catalog of work and a polished performance. It wasn't the busiest open mic we've had but it proved the point - Ralphy really does this. He even came with a manager and that is where the exchange of contact came into play. Thank you Fred. Since then Ralphy has been pushing Den I Bossed Up and it's growing new fan base everyday on top of putting Ralphy on in all the right places. Like a good business Ralphy and the Davis camp are maximizing their success by understanding nothing is ever old until the consumer says so and good it good no matter how you slice it. Den I Bossed Up reminds us of the Seattle mentality its all about street signs becoming high rises all while never leaving the city that gave it to you.