Ziggy Zay and the rest of the FML crew are names that we have begun to see on the scene more and more. At one point they were so tight knit that we didn't any of their names just their faces and their affiliation with FML. In our humble opinion they did it right; they started by branding each other and making that presence larger than one life. It worked. From Astro to Webb to Tre to Ziggy has been chronologic order of finding each individual sound from the one collective. There have been other songs from Ziggy where he's reminded us of someone we already play frequently and while those are the songs that ensured us he has talent and passion they are not the songs to catch our spirit and inspire replay value. Pablo Esobar is that 5x over. He patience and ability to stay in the pocket, the perfect crease of the beat, from hook to verse and back to hook is exciting all on it's own. This song feels effortless and anthem all at the same time when played at loud enough volumes in traffic. It is rare that there is a latino rapper that embodies hip-hop culture so effortlessly especially from the Northwest. If this is a new beginning for Zay we like his start.