D.White is becoming infamous in our eyes for finding the most relaxing rap beats, sample or no sample he picks them pretty well. It must be to pair with his voice. D.White's delivery over tracks has a heighten punctuated pitch; he speaks very clearly over any record. And he is a writers writer who is always writing so it makes sense. One day he's going to give us an album of his best versions of songs like "For The Homies". Imagery is every writers best asset - if you can put us there with you then you can do a better job guiding us to understanding your intentions or why you feel the way you felt writing the track. D.White is good at this. He can find the moments in his mind that stuck and regurgitate them onto a record also adding the witty metaphors to make you tap in on his lyrical skill set but in his truest essence he is story teller. "For The Homies" is the story of the camaraderie of youthful men in Tacoma and Seattle making sure all is well with their side and during their best to stay focused on what matters to them - money and each other.