Seaan Brooks is here again with a quick release for his latest work STUNT. Prior to the album dropping I could tell that this was one of his favorite songs. In a day-drinking haze during our now infamous BACK TO SCHOOL SALE Brooks was excited to play me some of the album and this was a stand out then and stand out now. The content is my favorite part, this is Seaan coming from the angle that I thought always made the most sense for him, the artist in the trenches. The idea behind the track is about getting to the next level, laying the ground work and anticipating champagne celebrations in the end. THIS IS WHAT WE WANT FOR SEAAN!! Anybody that is rooting for him is nodding their heads yes profusely right now. For the past year and a half, maybe more, the questions we have been asking are, “What will it take for people to get behind Brooks??” and “When will his art mirror his existence in an organic and authentic look??”. Image is huge for an artist but in today’s climate it is more than 90% of your purchasing power. You don’t just need to look cool, your cool needs to help others look cool or you’re almost not worth supporting no matter how talented. It’s a sick cycle but those are the rules and it isn’t new but it is far more prominent to both the artist and consumer.

The video is flawless, the production value is just right for this, the props are all funny and satirical and the energy and performance are authentic to Seaan Brooks the personality and the person. Local Boy Media needs a pat on the back for this and Seaan is known for being a producer of good ideas and having a directors vision in terms of storyboarding and concept development. These two could be on the verge of a smart and success working relationship but only time will tell for now we are happy to be pressing play and enjoying every minute, even the homies in Cali have tapped in on this one. When even the outsiders/repeat visitors of Tacoma are telling us he hit the nail on the head and embodied a particular Tacoma look to the T all we can do in slow clap. Do you agree??