Last week we got together in Baloogz & DJ QJ studio for A LONG podcast (part 1&2 links attached below) in the Old Post Office bldg. in downtown Tacoma, where all of :30 click record, as does ILLFIGHTYOU when they are in town and around. 

We didn’t have the usual blunts being smoked (well outside I did) and 5ths being cracked but we had beers, water, juice and plenty of cheeseburgers from Frisko Freeze and Stacks to eat and also compare and dissect as we talk about high school basketball in this episode that may offend some but most should find not only entertaining but informative as well.

There is a ton of insight from our special guests Ivy Smith, Dew Dew Brown and my long time friend and old AAU teammate Jonathan Anderson. Share listen and like as this hilarious trio and I dive into all sorts of topics that almost always include a name that you may be familiar with or a story you may have been waiting to hear the true version of. So tune in to find out and remember to like, share, subscribe and all that supportive stuff that friends and people do to uplift one another, lol. It’s all about community at LIKEITORNOT and we appreciate you listening.