Tales from the T is a hip hop cassette tape featuring a compilation of artist from Tacoma only releasing July 13th. There are so many things that went right to make this happen and the parties bringing this to the table are not ones to argue with in terms of authenticity or in regards to the scene that is beginning to be seen in Tacoma. Hall of Fame Vintage & Quincy James aka DJQJ came together to cull and curate the artists, some of which are not so accessible nowadays, build out a dramatic cover and translate it into promotion material properly all the while playing to their aesthetic and recording the musical experience on a vintage media - a cassette tape. The physical mixtape produced to only 100 copies speaks so true to HOFVintage as a company and Quincy James personal style that it goes far beyond novelty and into the collector category, but then you factor in the group of artists and the show experience on the product’s release date and it really is refreshing. A mixtape that doesn't feel gimmicky, I could not have guessed it.

The show lineup is jammed packed with names we speak highly of via Club907 so now you know we will be in attendance. And we all know there is a boombox in somebody's aunties garage right now - don't front. Your parents probably have one actually, knock the dust off that and press play on release day. The tapes were for pre-sale and just became available online. 


Another exciting aspect outside of the finished product as been their in-the-field marketing campaign. In case you don't follow them on the socials allow us to inform you that they are placing tapes out in the world pre-release for people to find and the clues are through their social media outlets. See example below:

They pulled out all the stops and that is what it takes a moments like this when we can see the tide turing in our immediate culture climate - you have to push with that momentum to come out covered in gold on the other side. Hall of Fame Vintage and Quincy James understand that.