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As amazing as Tacoma is Tacomans know that there is a lack of access to fashions and fashion sense often teeters on nonexistent. Trends somehow make it to Seattle and die on the freeway in transit to our humble town just South of the big city. But there are the few amongst the many that strive to hold themselves to a certain lifestyle aesthetic which includes their closet being birdie or at the least on par with current industry standard. Norris has been that since the first day we were introduced close to a decade ago. That was first of many common denominators, art, entertainment, music, eTc followed. What Norris has offered is insight into the idea that Tacoma has more to offer if you're looking in the right places and involving yourself in the right activities around the town and in the after hours. Most people don't believe the Midwest born Tacoman was raised here but he often reassures those who ask that his up-bringing is completely 253. Get to know a little more about a taste-tester turn taste-maker. 

1. What do you do??

I feel like I do a little of everything. Basketball in the morning. Building airplanes for Boeing in the evenings. Chillin with my homies by night. I like to stay busy. Always interacting with people...trying to grow as much as I can everyday. I consider myself to be the middle man in most cases. Bringin people together and bridging gaps. 

2. What are your mornings like, do you have a routine??

Every morning I wake up around 9-930, I lay in bed for about 30 min visualizing my day, counting blessings...scrolling down my feeds on Twitter and IG...etc..(no pun). I find motivation in the most random things. then pull myself out of bed to hit the gym for a workout. 

3. Favorite garments right now and why??

Favorite garment right now would have to be a combo of Premium Co's terry tee with my Dome sleeved eTc hoody. So subtle but it's a Perfect marriage.  I'm in a hoody everyday anyway why not rep the fam and the town at the same time??

4. Give us a brand we're sleeping on....

I feel like a lot of people are sleeping on is Premium Co. The quality in there stuff is A1. They are usually ahead of the curve. Pricing isn't too bad either, every item is exclusive. There is no promise it's coming back. They are a growing brand and one day I wouldn't mind seeing them down at the shop. 

5. After work you.....

After work I'm watchin espn, catching myself up in the world of sports. I'm usually up all night while most of the world is sleep, so it's either a couple hours of NBA2K15 on Xbox One, while searching for new music, or catching up on TV shows. MegatronDon23 for those that wanna try me haha. 

6. Last movie you watched - if new was it any good??

Last movie I saw in the theatre was The Equalizer, with Denzel Washington. It was solid. Denzel always delivers. My complaint is how untouchable he was. But if anyone could be that smooth about life I believe it could be Denzel haha.

7. Plug yourself....

Check me out on IG: kingNorr and twitter:kingNorr907. eTc the fam!! Shout out to Yall for the interview. 

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