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Since the inception of our retail venture, mid way through this Summer season, we have seen and heard from several up and coming brands that share our same enthusiasm for holding onto the root of what streetwear means, the exclusive retail locations, limited quantity production and culturally witty graphics. Some of the brands and personalities have matched our aesthetic and we have been more than happy to network or collaborate. Couver Co. is one of those brands and Jay and his partner in business Fonso are the minds behind what we feel may be one of the better streetwear brands coming out of Washington or perhaps the entire PNW. They are still exploring their core customer base and with humble beginnings we foresee a wave brewing should stay consistent. We were able to meet them both at David Rivera’s art show and since have done our best to follow the brand’s movements. The coolest part is they are based in the Tri-Cities but they rep the whole region. We applaud what they do and why they do it. Get to know a little about CEO Jay and follow the rabbit hole as far as it will take you.  

1. What do you do??

Simply put, by day I'm a landscaper and a student, by night I'm an artist who designs and makes quality goods for the brand Couver, which I founded and own alongside my brother.

2. What are your mornings like, do you have a routine??

The day begins around 8. I wake, I get dressed, strap on the work boots, go downstairs, eat and get after it with my brother. We come back, eat, and that's where the real work begins, I draw, I research, I think of designs, I plan, I print, I ship. I do everything I can for the brand when we clock out from our day job.  I say "i" but I really mean "we" my brother Fonso and I.  And this is the daily routine.

3. Favorite garments right now and why??

You know, I haven't bought anything in a long time, the 2 shirts I have bought in the past year were these 2 so I'd have to say they are my favorites rn: Alive and well nirvana tee. I just think it's a really well designed piece. The use of the nirvana font like its so blatant to me how they chose Seattle inspiration but they didn't do the typical happy face logo rip/flip design route, which is elegant to me because it's not so cliché.  The statement on the back says "this is who we are" which to me is sick too like its so bold. The shirt itself is really dope, props to them. The seasoning tee from ETC. I just thought it was real fun. I enjoy stuff that's simple and funny like that graphic. It was just a cool thing.  I didn't look too much into it, It caught my eye and I had to have it. The tour shirt from Couver is probably the third. Not because I've made it but because I've worn this shirt since we took it off the press and for me it resembles how much growth I have made since first deciding to pursue a career in making shirts.  The design is my favorite to date, a lot of stuff that we worked hard on and it makes me proud to wear it.

4. Give us a brand we're sleeping on....

There's a couple guys out in Miami whose work is nice, their execution is well done and precise, this brand is called Skoundrelz. 

5. After work you.....

I'm a student and I have a day job so after that job I design and work toward the brand.  I'm always thinking about it so after work I really can get after it. I also do the regular stuff like hang out with friends. I like to draw for fun sometimes, listen to music, I watch a tv series depending on what show I'm into at the time, it just depends! 

6. Last movie you watched - if new was it any good??

Technically was The Bone Collector with Denzel, Angelina, Queen Latifah, and many more but we'll skip that one. I did however, watch Interstellar in theaters and it's one of the best movies I've seen in a VERY long time. The whole direction and concept, the way it's shot, the way they tie everything together. It's fucking awesome. FUCKIN' SICK.

7. Plug yourself....

Follow the brand @couverco on Instagram, Twitter, tumblr. This is my pride and joy. If you want to follow my personal work it's @awol_jay on Instagram and Twitter and tumblr. But I warn U its not that great. :}


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