VIDEO - eTc Tacoma Presents: IN-DEPTH

Big thanks to First Ladies Productions for taking on our first In-Depth live performance and taking it seriously. The goal with In-Depth is to provide a performance experience where both the audience and performer are able to connect with each other through storytelling.

Each artist to receive a feature for In-Depth is someone we feel needs to be able to tell their story because it helps draw connecting lines behind the real question - why they made it. Often songs or entire projects have significance that is ambiguous to the listener or even cliche without the proper background. Or on the other end of the spectrum some songs are deep seeded in metaphors or double meanings that aren't obvious to the ear and explanation only heightens the experience each time you listen when you know why or where the artist was coming from when they developed the idea.

Bruce LeRoy was a perfect first edition for eTc being that he is Club907 Crew and a Southend personality who has taken the time to perfect his craft. Also the release of his latest work was met with critical acclaim from a waiting fan base and we all know how awful impatient fans can be. We also wanted to provide a more intimate setting before his shows with Porter Ray in Seattle and Jazzbones coming up at the beginning of this next year. He was gracious enough to oblige us and mixed with a great turnout, free food and merchandise the vibe in the room was very organic. Léa from FirstLadiesProd was able to be in the buidling and really captured the spirit of the night. 

Perris WrightComment