The Squid T


This season our favorite T was by far not the one that you expected it to be. It wasn't your favorite - you like the obviously awesome ones (the TOWN skyline or the Tonics Sonics Ts). By the way thank you for loving those. In the popular word of A-Rod (a former Rainier we admire and love) RE2PECT. You helped us move a season in a hour that we usually would have moved in a couple days to a week online. We love you for it. 

Squid T

But the Squid T holds the special place in our heart for Summer 1 because its one of those graphics that plays to Pacific Northwest culture as a whole. The Humboldt or Jumbo Squid as it is referred to by marine professionals has become a new face in the Northwest much like ours. We wanted to pay homage to that - plus Matt murdered the graphic before we could even develop a concept - kudos to him. Using animals specific to our territory is also a trait of eTceTera design. Real 907Crew members remember the Goldfinch T.

Goldfinch T

The Squid is the second in a long line of beasts we will boast about and beautify. Next time - Dress Accordingly. It's sold out now anyway.