UglyFRANK - Bossa

We support local in a lot of ways at eTc; but on the rare occasion there is something that has started local but has surpassed the microclimate, expanded and garnered national and even international acclaim. ILLFIGHTYOU was first; the heavy hitting sounds of the HA HA Kreamteam mixed with the energy and raw to the apple core rhymes by Glenn & Frank make for one of kind ass -whippin mantra music. 

That's just the collective. Individually all three of them are master MCs and creatures of the craft. But UglyFRANK, with all his personality, is the first to step out onto the ledge and base-jump. Releasing a full EP scored by the legendary KhrisP 'BobbyHill' is a small catalog of UglyFRANK un-bottled. "90" being a secret favorite of Ugly himself, Leftova getting national recognition for a memorizing hook and cadence control, with a video to help solidify gold, and now Bossa. All FRANK; all bars. Directed by Stephan Gray and featuring Day1 homies, ILLFIGHTYOU members and family. It's all late night shenanigans captured in a short film, dim lit fashion. 

Enjoy. #eTcTacoma