CLSC x Lu Rosa Co for GQ

Look at Josh's fat hand. Hahaha

Look at Josh's fat hand. Hahaha

CLSC co. is one of our favorite brands and extended family. The young entrepreneurs work harder than anyone we know outside of the eTceTera crew. They've made it a point to be innovative - honestly innovative and create new product segments and delve into alternative accessory territory. Their latest is no different as the they bring you small leather goods that you may have only seen in Europe or Japan made by hand in some small atelier that you wouldn't know existed until your great Aunt Louise referred you there because she once had your Uncle a custom belt made for their 30th anniversary. Anyway Lu Rosa Co. fine leather next to CLSC concept has caught the attention of global fashion connoisseurs. 

The fine small leather goods cigarette case is poised to be a fashion industry favorite with all the cool guys smoking stogies in between fashion shows and buyer meetings. Word to GQ and whosever publicist for being aware enough to put two and two together. It's the perfect addition to any style conscious gentlemen's or derelict disrupter's wardrobe. It helps keep your bad habit a little more discreet. And no one can see those cheap ass cigarettes you're smoking - you say you're next level - where are your Dunhills bruh?? 

If you're not too late already you can purchase this classy cigarette pack pouch online from CLSC and it comes with the ill matching leather lighter holder - which we really enjoy.